1. tinfoil-hat

    [poll] Would you like a chat integrated in

    Hi, I am on another BB and they have a chat integrated in their Forum. I guess people have learned to know each other here. On the Other BB the chat was really busy and gave a huge feeling af a community. Maybe we could have a chat here? For example a web chat in with integration to...
  2. Alone in the Dark

    Will Linux replace windows in future?

    its because windows comes intalled on most pcs for sale and linux doesnt. Therefore you have to normally make an extra effort to by a computer already with windows on it delete it and install an operating system that may or may not work on your new pc. so most peope understandably stick with the...
  3. N logo licensing

    I love the logo, I think it's modern and stylish and I would love to use it as a Linux logo on my website but I'm not sure about the licensing. Is logo in public domain? Would love to use it on my websites and possibly print it as stickers :)