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  1. lovehero

    Usb Kali live

    I did apt upgrade in usb Kali linux live it's almost 2 hour gone unpack the apt upgrade file but it still in 35% Any one give me any soluti
  2. A

    How To Create custom Debian Distro Iso With Live Boot Capabilities

    Hello everyone , i am new to this forum i am a student , and a Debian 10 XFce user , I Want to create my own usb linux distribution with live boot capabilities , according to some methods , i have used Linux-live kit , from github and also tried programs that offer live system creation...
  3. superboy2k6

    Create custom live cd from existing installation?

    Hi, so I wanted to create a live cd of my VM's Arch Linux installation and make it bootable. It should be the exact replica of what installation I have. I went ahead and checked this forum: But I didn't understand one of the following replies...