1. spacebanana

    What distro logo do you like the most?

    I personally love NixOS and Debian's logos. Those are also the 2 distros I use the most. Coincidence? Bias? Maybe... I just really like the spiral and the snowflake and their colours, and they fit nicely as a logo
  2. N

    Linux.org logo licensing

    I love the Linux.org logo, I think it's modern and stylish and I would love to use it as a Linux logo on my website but I'm not sure about the licensing. Is Linux.org logo in public domain? Would love to use it on my websites and possibly print it as stickers :)
  3. M

    Redesign Linux Logo

  4. TheReactiveMouse

    Linux logo on starting Fedora Server 32

    How to enable Linux logo on boot? I want to add this because it's really looks good and i am like it.But, where i am enable it? or where located file? I am new in Fedora Server.
  5. M

    drivers: video: logo: Select boot logo on runtime

    Hi, I'd like to know one if my approach towards the following problem statement is correct or wrong, Developer should be able to select a logo on runtime using kernel command line argument or something similar. As far as I see from the drivers/video/logo section, we need to implement some...