1. R

    Lvm Mirroring issue

    Hi, Could please help me with some LVM mirroring queries. I am trying to create a mirror using LVM, I have some queries here is that possible to have mirror volume to increase up to 10TB by adding an additional disk to the mirror disk will there be any issues on that? Ex I have 3 disks 1...
  2. P

    Advice on re-partitioning default Debian 9 stretch to support LVM

    Hello, my server provider installed Debian 9 stretch 64bit and this is the disk space layout after installation: The tmpfs and udev filesystems seems not to be using any disk space according to that figures. But they have big quotas? /dev/sda1 * 2048...
  3. MikeyD

    Deciphering the Proper LVM

    Hey guys, My experience with logical volume managers (lvms) is limited. I've often added drives and extended them at work using cloud VMs, but beyond that I've never had to resize, remove or really "manage" them (just delete VM when I'm done with it :P) I have a home server running CentOS 6...