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    Midi drums not playing

    Debian 11 with KDE I have a MIDI keyboard and MIDI drums hooked up. I have LMMS running with two soundfont players loaded--one for keys, one for drums. I open a terminal and type "aconnect -l" to get the list. I connect the MIDI keyboard to the proper soundfont player and it works. I connect...
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    midi keyboard doesn't work in LMMS

    Midi keyboard doesn't work in LMMS in Debian Linux. It appears in LMMS as Input, but performs no sound when a key is pressing. I tried using QJackCtl, "a2jmidid -e" and most available options. LMMS settings: sound driver = Jack midi driver = ALSA seq QJackCtl settinhs: driver = ALSA midi...