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    Migrating my code from Centos to Ubuntu.

    Hi, I need to run my Make file from centos to ubuntu environment, what are the changes i need to follow to make it work. when I do compiling As, it is in ubuntu desktop i got lots of dependency issues. please help me to compile. THANKS in advance.
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    CentOS 8 to CentOS Stream Migration

    Hello, is there a way to migrate from CentOS 8 to CentOS Stream because when I try installing CentOS Stream packages using 'dnf' it gives me an error since there are no more files linked to it because the distribution was discontinued at the end of 2021 (or atleast that is my take on it). If...
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    KVM/qemu VM-migration from old data center to new one.

    Hello all, Glad to be on here :-) I'm a Linux sysadmin who has recently inherited two data centers from another sysadmin, one old and one new. The case: There's a bunch of KVM VM's (essentially QEMU VM's) on the old data center that needs to be migrated over to the new one as the old one is to...