minecraft server

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    docker.io wont safe files in VOLUME or WORKDIR and other... (ubuntu server)

    Hey, I´ve tried to create a docker for a minecraft-paper server. After long time trying the docker worked and started the .jar file for the server. The problem is now, that I cant join on the server via minecraft and I´ve opened all ports the server needs. The second and more importen problem...
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    Im thinking about creating a Minecraft Server hosting distro for kids and hobbyists for Raspberry Pi

    Please bear with me through this explanation. Yes, I know how hard it is to create and maintain a distro so you don't have to write that comment. I like to play Minecraft and I have been playing it since I was a kid. With time I started hosting my own Minecraft servers (if ur not familiar with...
  3. L

    Setting up a minecraft server on CentOS 8, I am a complete noob

    So I have been trying to set up a dedicated minecraft server on an old laptop of mine. I figured I should use linux for the better performance and settled on CentOS 8. I got the minecraft server files downloaded and running, but ran into problems connecting to the server. I originally posted...