1. CaffeineAddict

    Solved Logs monitoring software or methods

    One thing I really miss in Linux is a GUI to monitor, filter and oversee logs and to subscribe to certain logs. I've been googling around and from what I see all this shiny log monitoring software is commercial, there is barely any free. So my first question is, is there free one and which one...
  2. B

    monit utility failed to start nscd daemon.

    Hi All, From the monit.log file, I observed that monit utility failed to start nscd daemon. The log in the, **/var/log/monit.log** file, nscd check file present at **/etc/monit.d/check-nscd** path and it contains, The **/etc/init.d/nscd** file, If I run following command on the...
  3. D

    How to monitor my connections?

    Hello: I have few notions for server administration, so I wanted to get a bit more of knowledge and I turned my Raspberry PI into a internet connected Server. So, I installed no-ip to have a fixed DNS, installed apache, and some other tools like ufw to keep my server the most secured I can...
  4. B

    Linux Project

    Hello, I have a personal project that includes some ideas of using Oracle VM, monitoring and some network commands. So far, I have two VMs that can communicate with eachother, I made a database using mysql on one of the VMs and on the other I want to access and see the database on a web server...
  5. M

    Monitoring with sound

    Hi, How can i get a sound while monitoring a file using tail with grep. E.g. Tail -f log.file | grep 'Network' If there any display with the following command there the system should produce a sound/soundtrack so that we need not to keep an eye always on the log file and the sound will alert...
  6. K

    Log monitoring software

    Perhaps related to this thread on securing Linux, I have noticed an advertisement on here regarding log monitoring software. It can be time consuming and somewhat difficult to review system logs, so is there any decent applications out there anyone uses to monitoring everything from system logs...