1. P

    Attempts to install MariaDB-Server and Client are failing in Debian 12

    Attempting to install mariadb-server - but continually experiencing issues: **************************************************************************************** XXXXXXXX@XXXXXXXXX:~$ sudo apt install mariadb-server Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree... Done Reading state...
  2. E

    Mysql connection issues

    Hello, I am a novice linux user and using Parrot OS. I wanted to run a nodejs project with mysql connections but I got an error like below, how can I solve it?
  3. bungee1980

    MariaDB / MySQL setup in TinyCore

    Does anyone know how to setup MariaDB-10.6 in Tiny Core 13? There are other related questions online, but nothing very clear. some of them assume that you already have the server started and are dealing with different issues. I know it's possible because i did it by accident after 10 hours of...
  4. S

    Query tables from Kiwisyslog server to Mysql

    Hi everyone I have a issue with do a query from kiwi syslog server, to begin I share you the topology, th difference is that my BD is mysql(linux redhat 7.7) I installed the Connector/ODBC 8.0.21 in the windows server 2016 that hosted the kiwi syslog. All config is done, here "test...
  5. O

    Cannot connect to remote MySQL server

    Hello guys, i have problem with mysql remote connect. On remote VPS with mysql in my.cnf have: bind-address = and #skip-networking. In users in phpmyadmin mysql have special user: remote@% And still not working. If i try from VPS: nmap -p 3306 Output is: if try...
  6. P

    Mysql or Mariadb. 2 node Replication / Cluster

    We have moved to working from home, and our CRM solutions is a LAMP application and we want to provide an HA environment. (We are currently running on a single server using a VPN to access it. ) I have set up the following environment as a Lab and all works really well until one site loses...
  7. jeremyy44

    Mysql error!

    Hi I keep getting this error while trying to either configure or even remove mysql-server-8.0 and cant seem to find anything online to help. Even when I do 'sudo apt autoremove -y' I keep getting this error nothing seems to work. Setting up mysql-server-8.0 (8.0.22-0ubuntu0.20.04.3) ... Failed...
  8. B

    Sending info to mysql db

    Hello, I want to make a script that monitorizes the cpu utilization and sends that data to a mysql database. I have two VMs made with ORACLE, they both can comunicate with eachother, I made a script using the top command on VM1 and on the VM2 I have installed myqsl server. I only found how to...
  9. B

    Linux Project

    Hello, I have a personal project that includes some ideas of using Oracle VM, monitoring and some network commands. So far, I have two VMs that can communicate with eachother, I made a database using mysql on one of the VMs and on the other I want to access and see the database on a web server...
  10. K

    Your web server does not appear to support any common PDO database extensions.

    I was following a tutorial for installing and hosting your own web server, but i'm stuck on this from last 2 hrs. I'm new to linux and everything, please help.this the error i'm stuck on
  11. E


    Good day, I am trying to run the following command but it does not seem to work. [root@ ]# mysql -pPassword asteriskcdrdb -s -b -e "select 'Account ID','Destination','Operator','Provider','Date','BillSec','Rate id','Cost' UNION select...
  12. A

    MYSQL connection problem

    I have VDS with CentOS 7 and schroot environment with Ubuntu 18.10(had to do this, because app i want to launch needs a version which is not available for CentOS). Application(game server) i want to launch inside schroot needs MySQL connection. So when i set „localhost” as...
  13. Rob

    MySQL administration via command line

    When using MySQL on a Linux server, you'll no doubt come into a situation where you'll want to manipulate something via command line. Some of you will have tools like PHPMyAdmin installed, but you should always know a way to do things via command line. By the way, these examples will also work...
  14. Rob

    Enable the slow query log in MySQL

    If you notice some slowness on your application (ie: website) and are looking to speed things up you can enable slow query logging on your server and inspect some of the slow queries. Slow queries are database queries that take longer than the amount of time you specify in the file. Most...
  15. K

    Rasperry Pi 3 projects

    An important part of my Linux arsenal is my Raspberry Pi running Raspbian. I am seeking ideas for future projects to do on my pi. Currently, I use the pi for these tasks: PHP / Apache / MySQL (test websites, development) FreeRADIUS (username / passwords to access my wifi) Mantis bug tracking...
  16. Rob

    Using mysqldumpslow to read the mysql slow query log

    The MySQL slow query log is one helpful tool that helps system administrators to determine which queries are taking a longer-than-normal time to run. The only thing is.. how to read it so it's helpful? If you don't have the slow query log enabled yet, do that first: mysql enable slow query...