network interfaces

  1. D

    What do ofono and connman do?

    I am curious about what ofono and connman does? Because I have some trouble with connman since it eats my CPU (i.e. consume above 90% of my CPU) sometimes and although I restart connman I could not succeed to connect internet then. Although device works and it seems to connected to internet it...
  2. J

    Setup Watchdog with 2 interfaces

    I have watchdog working on my raspberry pi using the interface eth0. I have also set a backup wifi connection (IOT device has static local wifi IP set (no DHCP)) incase the ethernet goes down. I can not seem to figure out how to set up the wifi as a backup in watchdog so it only reboots when...
  3. M

    Which NIC's are capable of receiving incorrect/corrupt frames?

    Hello everyone, I am working on a project which requires me to capture packets that don't pass the CRC 32 check. I did some digging and came across ethtool utility, using which we can change ethernet device parameters. To allow the capture of packets, which do not pass the CRC 32 I need to use...
  4. Pieter Cardoen

    SocketCAN rename interfaces

    Dear We have an embedded device which has 2 can interfaces, appearing as can0 and can1. Is there a possiblility to rename these CAN interfaces to can1 and can2? Thanks Pieter