network issues

  1. OpenLinux21

    Linux Networking Problems

    I made my own Linux system consisting of a kernel (make ARCH=x86_64 defconfig), Busybox rootfs, and after booting, I found that there was no network (not a hardware problem).This is ISO File
  2. P

    Which router would you recommend to accommodate Linux?

    I purchased a Netgear Nighthawk R7350 (AC2400) router a year ago, as it stated on the box that it supported Linux. I figured to try it out once I felt comfortable enough to take the plunge - which I started a few months ago. Unfortunately, even though it is stated to support Linux on the box...
  3. G

    Upgraded to Ubuntu 22.04.1 LTS and now I regret it...

    Hello, I've upgraded to Ubuntu 22.04.1 LTS and everything is broken... I am running Kubuntu on HP Zbook Firefly 14 G7 since previous codename, but this jammy... First of all there isn't normal update center for other drivers in so called "Discover". And Discover window was freezing for me! I...
  4. clogwog

    slow network connection management

    I have a variable speed (modem) network connection that gets used to upload big files every now and again to a particular ip address. When the device is in a bad reception area and a large file upload is started any of the other traffic get 'drowned'. This last bit is a guess, because i'm not...
  5. C

    Can't detect Rpi in virtual machine when trying to connect to a mosquitto broker

    I am setting up a MQTT architecture in my local network whose broker and one client are on a Rpi and another client is on a Parrot OS virtual machine (VM) located in a PC. The broker and the client of the Rpi work properly but when I try to connect the VM to the Rpi's broker by mosquitto_pub -h...
  6. L

    Some websites not loading - Arch Linux

    Hi there! So yesterday I installed Arch Linux with KDE on an old computer and also in a virtual machine (VirtualBox). Both installations seem to work fine and I can use them regularly. But there was one issue (on both installations): Many websites won't load. I can't even ping them...