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  1. jeremyy44

    netplan "renderer NetworkManager" = could not resolve 'ca.archive.ubuntu.com'

    Hi so today I stumbled upon a problem. When adding the line "renderer NetworkManager" to my netplan .yaml I get a could not resolve error when trying to do a apt update. My .yaml looks like --------------------------------- network: ethernets: enp9s0: addresses: -...
  2. jeremyy44

    Slow network trasfer rate after boot drive swap.

    Hi so I just received my new boot drive that I changed because I was running out of space. I am running a server with ubuntu 20.04 on it and I am using 2 2.5gbs nic in both it and my main pc. Before I was getting a steady 280-290MB/s of transfer rate. But after restoring a backup that I had made...