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  1. C

    My device audio is leaking to my earphones mic but not when i am on window. Also having ping spike while playing games. PLEASE HELP

    I recently installed arch linux on my brand new laptop. I am getting crazy ping spike while playing dota and cs. And when i am in a call with my friends on call they all can hear what i am listering to. I have check the ping issue on my phone, but it wasnt there. PLEASE HELP i am struggling for...
  2. W

    Cannot install any distro except Manjaro

    I am using Windows since 1997, but late last year I decided to try Linux, I tried to install Pop_OS, Cinamon and Manjaro in that order, I tried installing first two but they both sort of stopped responding either before booting into desktop or after trying to re-arrange my screens (see...
  3. S

    what distro

    i have a really old computer and i wanna learn linux on it , by learning linux i mean learning to navigate through the terminal and maybe some simple hacking tools specs: core 2 dou 2 giga ddr2 ram 320 gb hdd gt 9800 edit : thanks for all of your help it is much appreciated
  4. Jabirkt99

    [Solved] No speaker sound but wired headphone working! Help

    My Lenovo G50 just installed linux before windows, i have no speaker sound but if i connect wire headphones working. Speakers not working. I am newbie to linux mint 20.
  5. GoldenDuckFloats

    Guidance for new Linux users

    I need some help making a tutorial that gradually builds up a reader's technical sophistication (Particularly on how to install and manage software). By providing a roadmap of what new users should know and present them in an order that makes sense. Each subject can have a short yet detailed...
  6. SBlackLinux

    LPIC-1 Exercise Question on Libraries

    Hi all. New to the forum and a bit of a newbie, but trying to learn. I have searched for an answer but haven't found one, so hoping someone can assist. The Dynamic Libraries chapter in Tuxcademy's LPIC-1 manual has the following exercise: "Find a statically-linked executable on your system."...
  7. C

    Mysterious Non-existent Network Adapter

    Hi all, Still relatively new to Linux so please be gentle. I recently bought (what I thought was) and Intel Compute Stick and was planning on turning into a mobile HTPC and retro gaming device. It originally came with Windows 10 and all was well. I thought it might be a good opportunity to...
  8. Linubi McLuinxdowsface

    Newbie wants to install Linux on laptop with UEFI secure boot

    Xinuli Xunilu Xuinl, dear Linux community! I sincerely beg pardon for molesting you with a lengthy introduction, but it is optional to read it. If you do not have the spare time to do so, then jump straight to the section that starts: With this in my mind,... To boot with, I would like to...
  9. MWE

    Brand New To Linux

    Ok...So I'm a techie. I've owned lots of Mac's and Windows systems but never Linux. The thing that draws me back to wanting Linux every time is all of the bloat that the other two systems put on for the "masses" like Cortana, Siri, Maps, Messaging, Microsoft Bloat, Dell Bloat etc etc etc etc...
  10. NickBBB

    Most secure and Easiest to use Linux Distro for new users in Sep 2018.

    I am wondering everyone's thoughts on the best Linux distro for a new user that seeks security, anonymity, and ease of use. I am aware that live booting and VM's are a thing, but also want to know what people think for the primary distro. Thank for your input. :)
  11. Raakhee Toolsi-Boodhoo

    New to Linux. Please help

    I have had about enough of Windows and their continuous updates. A friend suggested I use Linux so can someone please advise which version I should download to start with?
  12. R

    Clock Screensaver

    If you have a "Clock" (digital or analog type) that functions may I have a copy please? Keep in mind that I am 61 and a newbie, so please make it as easy as possible. Thanks, Larry
  13. P

    A Windows user new to Linux

    Hi all, I'm a Windows user since 2011, I've used Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10. Currently I'm using Windows 10. But, I'm not satisfied with Microsoft Windows 10, due to its more focus on the breaking of Privacy of the user. Also, I like to work on a stable environment, but, Windows 10 updates...
  14. T

    Considering switching OS to Linux pros/cons

    I am a complete Linux newbie, I've been using Windows earlier and now I'm swearing to Mac. However, I wish to change my "surroundings" (or at least learn a new OS). What are the pros/cons to Linux? I consider myself fairly adaptable and with an at least average flair for tech. I figured this was...
  15. C

    Hello, Everyone!

    First off, thank you to all the folks helping others especially here, linuxquestions, and stackoverflow About me: I recently got an engineering degree, but I don't work with it. I decided to work in software because I had an opportunity to and I enjoyed an IT job I had at my University. I work...
  16. R

    locate command on Ubuntu 14.04

    Hello all Linuxers who are not so advanced in the knowledge as to be unable to communicate with someone with little old me, who has such rudimentary knowledge he doesn't know what a tarball is. I am stuck using the locate command, which I was learning about from a tutorial on youtube. It...