1. L

    MAC Duplicate, Host on 255, arp-scan, strange things

    I recently was running arp-scan quite often on my local network. I've noticed that one of the devices has Is that normal to have a device on a broadcast address? nmap doesn't have much to say about that device apart from the fact that it's Google's Mac. sudo nmap -sS -O -A...
  2. C

    Exploit failed error 'undefined method 'socket' [Virtual Box]

    Using Kali Linux 2.6 (64-bit) on VirtualBox (yes, I have a Mac). Our professor gave us a Windows server zip file to download as a VM. I added both Kali and the Windows VM on the NAT network on adapter 2 so that they can communicate with each other since VirtualBox does not do this automatically...
  3. Rob

    Nmap 7.50 Released

    Nmap has included hundreds of improvements in this latest update - its first big release since December. "... Another priority for Nmap 7.50 was improving our Nmap Scripting Engine. For example, we were one of the first scanners to release a detection script for the MS17-010 vulnerability...