1. R

    Need help installing Office 2016

    Hello all, So I'm kinda new to Linux (in the sense of using it for everyday stuff) I have used Linux quite a bit for programming. But, I need help with installing office 2016. I have PlayOnLinux and Wine installed. I have the ISO x64 file and a legal Product key. But when I use PlayOnLinux to...
  2. D

    Accent / tilde problem in Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint...)

    Hi, I'm spanish, that's why I use accents (or tildes, whatever you want to call them). The problem is that here, for example, I can write accents, but in Word (I used "PlayOnLinux" to install it) it doesn't let me to write accents. ¿Any solutions? I watched this video, but I doesn't understad...
  3. F

    Microsoft 365 with Wine

    I'm having all kinds of issues trying to get this to work. Probably because I don't know what I'm doing. I tried using playonlinux to install office 10, but I don't know what file to select when it asks for the install file. I feel like it should be obvious, but again, I don't know what I'm...