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  1. blunix

    Say Hello to Goodbye Mails: Temporary Disposable Email Accounts for Creating Accounts

    This blog post offers a comprehensive guide to setting up your own disposable email server using OpenSMTPD on an Ubuntu 24.04 server. Perfect for individuals looking to manage temporary email addresses for various service signups like Facebook, Instagram, and more, without the risk of being...
  2. K

    openSMTPD - need some help for relay

    Hi, I am using debian 12.5 and I followed the instruction at https://www.blunix.com/blog/secure-smtp-email-relay-on-debian-and-ubuntu-with-opensmtpd-instead-of-postfix.html#etc-smtpd-conf-example So after I followed up, I stuck by starting the service. The output is a syntax error at line 7...