1. G

    Can't install anything with apt install in ubuntu

    Any request like sudo apt-get install *** starts the installation process, but when unpacking it throws an error, after which some packages are installed and work fine, some do not work fine, and some do not show up as installed. dpkg: error processing package openmpi-bin (--configure)...
  2. D

    Unsigned Packages

    I'm currently running Mint 21 XFCE Edition, and while going through my updates list, I found both a signed and unsigned GRUB2 package. Being that I'm not familiar with unsigned packages, I completed a quick web search and found a thread on the Mint forums where someone was asking the same...
  3. K

    Problems Installing wine-stable-i386 and wine-stable-amd64

    I wanted to install Wine in order to play games on Steam, but I keep running into problems with the dependencies. When I try to install the package winehq-stable, I get an error saying wine-stable is not installed. Then when I try to install wine-stable, it says I need wine-stable-i386 and...
  4. superboy2k6

    Specific packages inclusion in Arch Linux?

    Haven't been here for a long time... :rolleyes: Like the title suggests, is it possible to include specific files and packages in a live CD installer of Arch linux. And is it also possible to download specific packages when Arch Linux starts up using pacman? More specifically, the Chromium Web...
  5. CptCharis

    Package Names

    Gentlemen question. How can I know, what I have to type during installation of a package? Example: Let's say I want to download & install Konsole terminal emulator in Arch linux. I have to type: pacman -S [package_name] what is this "package_name" and how can I find it out? I mean is...
  6. V

    Updating and upgrading friends GNU/Linux system without internet

    Updating and upgrading friends GNU/Linux system without internet If you ever get stuck in a situation where you have to update / upgrade a system or server but you can not plug it directly to the network then here is easy solution for this problem. just follow these steps:- First Insert...