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  1. P

    Partitioning Funtoo

    So I have sda1(boot), sda2(swap), sda3(root), and no other free space. I want to have sda1, sda2, sda3(root), sda4(some space), how can I split my sda3 (to have sda3 and sda4) without losing data ?
  2. S

    Installing Linux on PC with two drives?

    I have a SSD drive where I currently have windows 10 and a few other applications and then I have a HDD where I have most of my other files. To switch to Linux (The distro I have in mind is Linux Mint), do I need to clear both drives or just the SSD? Also, two games I enjoy playing have a bronze...
  3. L

    How to extend a volumegroup without reboot

    Hello Linux community I will write this in english to get more requests. I have a big problem. One of our customers wanted to extend the harddisk for his server. This was extended a lot of times but one of our colleagues did this before. I never In VMWare Vsphere i have extended the storage...
  4. B

    GParted Live won't let me expand partition

    So basically, I shrank my Windows partition to try and expand the Ubuntu partition. However, in spite of my Ubuntu partition not being mounted, it just won't let me give it any of the unallocated space. It clearly says it is unmounted (I launched GParted from an Ubuntu LiveUSB), it will let me...
  5. Chris Rachal

    Resize partition for more room for linux

    So I partitioned my hard drive for 29gb, bit I didn't realize I would like linux that much. I tried to resize my partitioned bit the extend volume is greyed out. Any ideas how to extend the partition?
  6. blackneos940

    Adding ext4 Partition to /etc/fstab File.....? :3

    As the question describes, I wanna add my Kali Linux Partition to Manjaro's fstab File, so that it automounts on Login..... :3 How is this accomplished.....? :3 Good GOD, that Stromboli made me full..... :P Thanks for any help guys..... :3