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  1. C

    How to resize LUKS-encrypted volumes?

    Attached above is the partitioning layout I am using for my Arch Linux system. I have two identical 4TB nvme SSDs. They were grouped into one volume group then separated into lvs. Each lv is encrypted via LUKS2 separately. While this setup has worked fine, I recently started running low on the...
  2. T


    Hello everyone, I recently moved from windows into Linux and installed Ubuntu in my PC. Now, I want to create partition to my 500 GB disk, I already learned on how to do it. However, I need your kind support on how many partitions should create. My PC is mainly going to be used for data science...
  3. K

    Partition Error

    I have a 20TB drive full of files which i took out of my server prior to wiping it to a factory debian install. This disk only includes video files however when putting it into the fresh distribution and looking at lsblk it shows that it has no partitions. I have thrown this onto my lc and...
  4. S

    Move /var directory to a new partition

    I'd like to move /var directory to a new partition on the SAME disk. I'm not adding any new hard disk. I tried the following commands to do so. Can someone help with the last 2 commands? Also, how do I make sure it doesn't use old /var anymore? lsblk mkdir /mnt/newvar blkid mount /dev/xvda1...
  5. M

    The creation of swap space in partition #3 of SCSI3 (0,0,0) (sda) failed

    Hi, I wanted to download linux mint on my old laptop. When i was on install page, I created 3 partitions: - "/" root partition with 27 gb assigned - "/home" home partition with 30 gb assigned - swap area with 5913 mb assigned Then I clicked Install now. I was redirected to the region selection...
  6. D

    Created a Partition, and Now USB Won't Work (Solved)

    I'm still looking forward to hiring a software developer to help me create the Gift Economy Network. After I finally know how much it would cost to create software, I plan to take a loan out. One of the ways I plan to pay off that loan is to put Linux software onto USBs and selling them. After...
  7. LorenDB

    [SOLVED] I resized my EFI system partition but it didn't completely work

    A while back, I resized the EFI system partition on my work PC (yes, I know, it seems to be the one that I mess up the most) from ~100 MB to ~300 MB using KDE Partition Manager, since it was full. However, I just realized today that it is not being detected as resized by the kernel (although KDE...
  8. LorenDB

    [SOLVED] Severe boot problems

    I have openSUSE Tumbleweed installed on my work PC (and, for that matter, my personal laptop; but I'm talking about the work PC). The openSUSE installer created/used the existing (I forget which it was) EFI system boot partition. That partition filled up for some reason due to updates, and I...
  9. R

    [Solved] Can I delete this Unknown file type partition, 1MB Size on my HDD?

    Hi, I want to resize my root partition so that it would be a bit larger but this Unknown file type is in between the unallocated space and the root partition, I was wondering if i should delete it or does it play a part in booting? My grub is installed in another HDD where windows is present...
  10. R

    File System in linux vs File System in Windows

    Hello All, Want to know is there any concept in Linux like windows C drive, D drive etc..(partition) Please let me know. Thanks, Ravi
  11. M

    SOLVED: Cannot run Puppy Linux from a CD on a default Latitude 4320 Dell. Is this possible?

    I want to run Puppy Linux on a default Latitude 4320 Dell. I am receiving the message "Invalid partition table!" after which pressing enter takes me to GRUB where I then type reboot to exit. Current changes to default BIOS setup settings are that I have a password set, and I have it set to...
  12. N

    MX Linux live USB installer not recognizing internal drive

    Hello, I am a first time linux user and I am trying to install MX Linux on my laptop's SSD. I first wiped the SSD and then made two partitions; one for installing the operating system on and one for the Swap thingy. The OS partition was formatted as ext4 and has around 230gb and the swap...
  13. U

    second encrypted and mounted operating system

    Good day all I am currently working on a project where the goal is to have a second operating system (Kali Linux) encrypted and mountable/unmountable on a Ubuntu system. All work must be kept on the encrypted partition and nothing can be installed or held on the Ubuntu operating system. There...
  14. Y

    No Boot Media Detected After Shrinking Home Partition

    I have a hard drive that had the root, home, and swap partitions on it. I wanted to add a fourth NTFS partition so I used GParted to shrink the home partition and make the newly unallocated space an NTFS partition. Upon restarting my computer and booting from that hard drive, I got the "Reboot...
  15. P

    Partitioning Funtoo

    So I have sda1(boot), sda2(swap), sda3(root), and no other free space. I want to have sda1, sda2, sda3(root), sda4(some space), how can I split my sda3 (to have sda3 and sda4) without losing data ?
  16. S

    Installing Linux on PC with two drives?

    I have a SSD drive where I currently have windows 10 and a few other applications and then I have a HDD where I have most of my other files. To switch to Linux (The distro I have in mind is Linux Mint), do I need to clear both drives or just the SSD? Also, two games I enjoy playing have a bronze...
  17. L

    How to extend a volumegroup without reboot

    Hello Linux community I will write this in english to get more requests. I have a big problem. One of our customers wanted to extend the harddisk for his server. This was extended a lot of times but one of our colleagues did this before. I never In VMWare Vsphere i have extended the storage...
  18. B

    GParted Live won't let me expand partition

    So basically, I shrank my Windows partition to try and expand the Ubuntu partition. However, in spite of my Ubuntu partition not being mounted, it just won't let me give it any of the unallocated space. It clearly says it is unmounted (I launched GParted from an Ubuntu LiveUSB), it will let me...
  19. Chris Rachal

    Resize partition for more room for linux

    So I partitioned my hard drive for 29gb, bit I didn't realize I would like linux that much. I tried to resize my partitioned bit the extend volume is greyed out. Any ideas how to extend the partition?
  20. blackneos940

    Adding ext4 Partition to /etc/fstab File.....? :3

    As the question describes, I wanna add my Kali Linux Partition to Manjaro's fstab File, so that it automounts on Login..... :3 How is this accomplished.....? :3 Good GOD, that Stromboli made me full..... :P Thanks for any help guys..... :3