1. B

    Can't Find My Password

    Trying to split my main partition in Feren but can't find my password to do it. I thought it would be in my User profile but it isn't, not even a hint area. How can I find this? thank you
  2. xc4pr

    Ubilinux / up-cht01

    I have an up-cht01 board with Ubilinux as the OS. I need to make various software changes (updates, functional changes, etc.) on it. However, my client had this done previously by another person who is no longer reachable. This person had the sudo password saved on the desktop, but it doesn't...
  3. rdfrkian

    Solved Change drive encryption password

    Hello! :) Using kubuntu 22.04. When I installed it about a month ago, silly me used the same passphrase for that drive encryption thing and my user account login. I know how to change my user account password, but how do I change the drive encryption password? It's the first one you enter when...
  4. CataclysmicGentleman

    Best open source password managers

    Hey tuxbot! Can you recommend to me some really good FOSS password managers for LMDE5? I used a password manager on Linux Mint (Ubunutu version) but i forget what it was called.
  5. Confused_nerd

    Concerned about BitWarden and password managers..

    HI, I'm using linux mint 20.1, and wanted if using an external password manager like bitWarden is safe? Like, I can just store all my passwords offline, but if I do use BitWarden(or any other password managing tool), will they not also have access to my data? What tools do you guys use for...
  6. S

    Require password when usb plugged in

    Hello I am beginner in linux Is there anyone help me or refer to other post in the forum with this problem I want a bash script that stops usb to run until you enter the password I use linux ubuntu 18.04 LTS
  7. T

    Linux Mint 19.1 Passwords issues

    Hi-I recently loaded Linux Mint Cinnamon 19.1 Tessa to my laptop from a DVD purchased from a Linux site. Everything went very well. I left the unit in sleep mode for a bout a week while I was away, but when I returned, the program would not recognize my password to log on. I could not get around...
  8. atanere

    Have you tried Diceware yet?

    Hi all, I briefly mentioned Diceware back in another thread about password managers, and I continue to be intrigued by this simple method of generating a very secure passphrase that is also very easy to remember. The concept is quite simple... using a single dice rolled 5 times (or a set of 5...