1. tinfoil-hat

    [poll] Would you like a chat integrated in Linux.org?

    Hi, I am on another BB and they have a chat integrated in their Forum. I guess people have learned to know each other here. On the Other BB the chat was really busy and gave a huge feeling af a community. Maybe we could have a chat here? For example a web chat in Linux.org with integration to...
  2. tinfoil-hat

    What do you think of TuxBot?

    What do you think of TuxBot? Do you want it around here?
  3. Mihaienjoyslinux

    Favourite Linux distro

    So guys I want to know what’s are your favourite linux distros, so let me know it :D
  4. Fanboi

    [Closed] Help Finding a Loud & Affordable Option

    In greater detail, I am in need of advice/input/knowledge regarding hardware. This is a very technical thing I have to investigate to write about and write a white paper on the intersectional relationship between economics, financial standards of lower incomes, urban and suburban noise polution...