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    ubuntu 22 04 LTS has been suspend when unplugging VGA cable

    Hello dear, my name is Eduardo from Perú I'm trying the new distro of ubuntu 22 04 lts for my HP Prodesk 400 G4 DM 4GB RAM 500GB HDD Graphics intel UHD Graphics 630 I installed anydesk to work remotely in this ubuntu but when I disconnect the VGA cable, it automatically suspends, I already...
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    Linux on iMac reboots instead of shutdown

    I am running Linux on iMac late 2015, 21.5 inch (the 1tb hdd version) and it’s running effortlessly with just one issue, It reboots on a shutdown. (Suspend doesn’t work too, it just hangs the system or reboot sometimes but it happens to most Apple devices on linux so i let that slide) I have...