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    Ubuntu Printing?

    We setup a Ubuntu server for our print server. We have a combination of Konica and HP model printers. For the HP models that are capable of it doublesided priting works fine. I cannot get it to work on any Konica. The option in the properties only shows 1 sided. In the CUPS URL it shows 2 sided...
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    CUPS forward to windows print server

    Hello All! I am new to linux but have a need I believe to spin up a linux VM and install CUPS. The purpose of this is to put this server in our DMZ and then have it forward print requests to our windows print servers on the LAN. I need to know for sure this will work as I'm not that familiar...
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    Unsupported PDF data for Direct Print :1000

    While printing a PDF (CUPS printing in Linux server using command lpr -P <filename>) i get a paper printed with the following data : "Unsupported PDF data for Direct Print :1000". When tried in Windows, it got printed without any issues. Could anyone please help in finding a solution for this ?
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    Canon LBP6000 USB printer doesn't print out

    We have problems in installing Canon LBP6000 printer driver for Linux (Debian Based) We install the driver and it appears in Drivers, however it doesnt print out. Additionally We have PID error in LOGs. The printer uses USB port, we see the printer with "lsusb" command, however when we plug out...
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    Cloud printer on Linux

    Hi guys .. so I'm experienced in Windows but sorta new to Linux ... I've taken on a project this year to replace any machine in my sphere of influence that is running Windows with Linux. The first thing I need to target are the two older desktops that run Windows for the primary purpose of...