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    [Problem] Can't boot linux anymore

    Hello, I want to boot linux from usb, but when I boot it it just restarts PC by itself. I recently upgraded to Win11 and since then I can' boot any linux distro. I tried several distros like Fedora, Kubuntu, Linux Mint but no luck with any of them. I used to have linux installed and it booted...
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    trouble with linux

    from last time i remove kde desktop i seen this i don't know what is that,i click it and definitely it not linux mint:)))i sure i'm not install it On my lap it have lightdm and gdm3 i don't know two of them have any relationship with that
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    Solved title bar make me angry

    title bar yeah=very big and it use a lot of space for sure i wonder there are anyway to close it or at least minimize it Microsoft edge
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    Solved taskbar problem help me fix it

    how i can use full screen app below the task bar because now it have a small space between taskbar and app
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    Dual Boot of Windows and Linux Mint - no Windows Boot.

    So i am having a issue with Dual Boot, i have installed windows and Linux Mint, but in grub after reseting my pc i can't see Windows to boot, even that it is still installed on my disk.