process management

  1. L

    Discovering a process run in the past

    Suppose that a random process starts at time X and ends at time X + 5 seconds... Is there a way to discover the TID, PID, and name of process for instance at time X+6 seconds? I would like to get the same informations given by ps
  2. A

    Process Details

    Hi Guys, is there any way in Linux(RedHat), we can get the details of the stopped process like which user terminated the process/Reason of termination/ time, and date of termination, etc. Please help me with this. Thanks in advance!
  3. SuperAdventureHunter

    Process Restriction in Debian

    Hi! I'm wondering how to restrict processes via command line in Debian, hence the title and subject. Though unconventional, I'm creating a script(s) for security purposes so any suggestions would be helpful. I'm looking to suspend, if not terminate any non-critical processes minus the terminal...