1. vs2-free-users

    Solved Suggestion for an Internet radio player?

    Hi, currently iam searching for a good Internet radio player/application for linux have you any suggestions what the best?
  2. C

    Using MPlayer (or any player) to listen to online radio.

    Hello. I do intent to use MPlayer (or any other player if Mplayer shows troubles) to listen to online radio. I read somewhere that you have to locate the audio file in the webpage's source code, however I was not able to do so. The I am currently using this webpage to listen to the online radio...
  3. E

    Overrun when using arecord for extended periods

    I have built a radio streamer/recorder with Node.js (repo here). This program will need to stream/record audio input 24/7, but I am having trouble running it for extended periods (see issue). I use the node "mic" package to stream from my audio input with arecord; and after some debugging, I...