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  1. A

    Disk IO of all disks in a system slowed down when one of the disks became readonly during content writing

    Environment: OS: OEL 7.6 Kernel: 3.10.0 Total Disks: 5 Description: We have 5 disks of size 4TB each. Content is being written on each of the disks. Avg. write time of disk is 5ms/req . Now, one of the disks suddenly got failed and became readonly. After this failure, response time of...
  2. N

    Anybody have good experiences with NVMe RAID controllers

    Hi all, Hope this is the correct section to post this in. Just wondering if anybody has any experience/recommendations on NVMe RAID controllers to use. I was doing a bit of research and stumbled across the SSD6202 from HighPoint. https://www.highpoint-tech.com/ssd6200-series-overview. Thought...
  3. F

    RAID 0 Dual boot. Help! "minimal bash-like line editing is supported (continues...)" Error at startup.

    Hello! So I need some help. I am trying to dual boot windows/ubuntu on a raid 0 BIOS machine. I have 2 SSD's in RAID 0. Windows was working fine but I had to do the partitioning when installing ubuntu manually. I very likely could have done it wrong. The installer failed when almost done, and...
  4. A

    Basic RAID (discussion) - using mdadm software on Linux

    I am posting a new thread about general RAID. (if it is OK with management ) I like to keep the discussion on target I like to post a question and have forum to discuss / answer it. ( Side trips are OK but keep on subjects. ) 1. After array is "--create" How is it mounted ? mkdir...
  5. jeremyy44

    Adding cache drive to mdadm raid 5

    Hi so I just finished configuring my raid 5 that has 4 4tb drive and I was wondering what the best way to impliment a cache drive would be. If there is a good way what size would be enough? I tought of using a 128gb ssd to start with since what I usually transfer are media like movies series etc...
  6. E

    Recovery libraries on RAID CentOS Server

    Hi! I don't know about Linux anything. But on my work I have RAID server with CentOS 5 Kernel system. Recently, something happened with it. Server have a ping, gives out ip addresses, but dont work like a file server and can't log from PUTTY. When I write differend command it show up error...
  7. K

    Copy-on-write error correcting file systems

    I have been using BTRFS RAID 1 for data and meta-data with two hard disk drives for a while now. This set up is on my network storage server. My desktops simply runs ext4 (not a fan of LVM yet). I am using two 1TB HDD totalling 1TB capacity (no surprises as using RAID 1); if I was to add...