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raspberry pi

  1. Sudo It

    Using Raspberry Pi 4 as a daily driver

    I got a good offer for a "Raspberry Pi 4 Model B Development Board Kit 8GB Ram" model, but I've never really used one. I saw on forums that people use a raspberry pi as a daily driver, and I'm also interesting to try out so then I can use it to do basic tasks like web surfing, little bit...
  2. K

    Raspbian Touchscreen HID not working on bootup

    Hello, I have an Raspberry PI 3B+ And this display: http://www.lcdwiki.com/7inch_HDMI_Display-C HDMI and picture is working fine. The problem is with the touchscreen. The touchscreen does not work after bootup,but if i unplug the USB cable from the raspberry pi and plug it back in it works...
  3. NORD

    Raspberry Pi4 case

    Just pulled the trigger on this case for the Raspberry PI4. I saw a video of this case being made. Its a 3d print but this guy also has a laser cutting tool he uses and well I have to say everything he builds looks amazing . Can't wait to get this thing in my man cave.
  4. C

    Lan not tunneling through OpenVPN

    Hello, my effort to to route my LAN traffic via the OpenVPN tunnel is failing, although curl ifconfig.me from the OpenVPN device shows OpenVPN device is tunneling. However the LAN Traffic is not being forwarded to the Internet VPN Gateway. Please review my routing table below for a fix...
  5. T

    Can't connect raspberry pi to netcup server via Openvpn

    Hello, I have a tricky but actually simple problem. I would like to run traffic from and to a Raspberry Pi through my Netcup server. So network traffic as well as web traffic. My Netcup server has an identifiable address and can be pinged everywhere. I want to have this on my Raspi too. For...
  6. J

    Broken MicroSDs

    Hi all, I have recently been messing with my Raspberry Pi 3 in the hopes of getting some flavor of ubuntu on it. I am not the greatest with Linux yet so I find myself stumped quite often with things. My problem is I used Etcher to create some bootable disks to try Ubuntu MATE with it, and...
  7. J

    Https not redirecting on apache 2 virtual hosts (SSL by certbot)

    Hello everyone, I have my pi running debian buster. I set up a cloud with the subdomain cloud.example.com and a website as example.com. I installed SSL using certbot. It seems all to be working except that if I type http://www.example.com it doesn't rewrite to https://www.example.com. All other...
  8. D

    scanimage returns a broken image

    Hi, i want to use a raspberry pi (Debian) as scan-Server. For this job I installed SANE and ImageMagick. If I scan with ... scanimage -p --resolution=25 --mode=Color -l 0 -t 0 -x 210mm -y 297mm >test.pnm ... I will get an unreadable pnm-file. (In the attachments) Based on the header, I found...
  9. A

    Problem with Dropped Packets via Wireless Monitor Mode

    Hello All, I am trying up a fast data transmission channel via wireless USB devices. My transmission side is an RPI 4 and my receiving side is a Desktop. I am setting both usb wifi cards in monitor mode at 5.8 GHz frequency. I am using a program that creates a UDP connection and sends packets...
  10. N

    Best Distro for All-in-One Raspberry Pi Server

    Hello all, I'm interested in making a Raspberry Pi 4 into an all in one server and I'd like suggestions on which distros and software you think would be best. What I mean by ALL IN ONE: a) DNS - piHole for ad blocking and privacy. b) DHCP - for manually managing 10-20 devices connected also for...
  11. N

    mpiexec wont run program couzed by schroot arm64 userland.

    I'm running a bunch of raspberry pi 4's and when i login to a single node i need to run schroot -c pi64 to get to the 64 bit environment. In this environment my program is installed but when i want to run the mpiexec command to run it on all nodes the master node can not run the program on the...
  12. B

    SparkFun ZOE-M8Q GPS Chip with RPI 4

    Hi so I am trying to connect a SparkFun ZOE-M8Q GPS Chip to an RPI 4. I purchased the SparkFun Pi QWIIC hat and used it to connect to the GPS chip. On boot the chip's led turns red showing it is being properly powered. I followed the SparkFun guide for setting up the QWIIC hat. However, for...
  13. J

    Run freenet on R

    I am a newbie in Linux. I first started working on Linux few days ago. I bought a raspberry 3B+. And I want to run freenet 247. Now I have installed raspbian lite(headless) on my raspberry pi. I have installed java and freenet in that. And for routing internet traffic I am using openvpn. I typed...
  14. C

    dhcpcd crashes on Raspberry pi

    I'm using a RPi 3 (Stretch) to connect to the internet via a Verizon 4G/LTE USB 'dongle' (Pantech UML295) , which presents itself as eth1. On first power up, the Raspberry always hangs at 'A start job is running for dhcpcd on all interfaces (20s / 1min 42sec)'. At this point, the dongle...
  15. C


    I'm using autoSSH to connect to an Amazon ec2 server. I need to automatically reconnect to the server if the SSH connection is lost for a few seconds. I need the system to know that it has lost the SSH connection and then re-establish the connection to the server. In some cases, the Ethernet...
  16. C

    IOT over 4G/LTE using Raspberry pi

    I am using a Raspberry pi for an IOT project. The Raspberry connects to an Amazon ec2 server over SSH. The connection uses a 4G/LTE USB "dongle". I can get the connection made (using wvdial, pppd and autoSSH) - so that all works, but my issue is - sometimes the 4G connection drops, and I...
  17. A

    Dual Booting

    I am setting up a new computer for games and work. I have looked into Wine/Play on Linux, and also into VMWare for games. Both of those had compatibility issues, and when I did get them working they did not run with the best quality. I do not want to spend a lot of my time on trying to get...
  18. A

    Looking For Lightweight Distro

    I am looking for a lightweight distro that I can use on a thin client right now and later replace with a raspberry pi. I need the thin client/raspberry pi to stream a video to and from a monitor attached to it and display a page with upcoming scheduled visits. I need it to be lightweight...
  19. Rob

    Linux malware targets Raspberry Pi default passwords to mine for cryptocurrency

    A Raspberry Pi, as most of you probably know, is a brand of a single-board computer that, because of its size, has many uses from home automation to arcade machines to home lab servers. Two strains of the malware has been spotted, according to Bleeping Computer. The first one, Linux.ProxyM...