reboot failure

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    Stuck during reboot

    when I installed Kali Linux on my pc using live usb, after the installation the system needed to be restarted. I clicked continue and I was stuck on the GRUB menu saying that Restarting system for 17 mins. So I did hard shutdown and when I booted it back, it didn’t boot. I also run diagnostics...
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    Reboot Error after umount /mnt/xxx on Persistent Memory

    This is the second time I crashed our department servers. :-( Really don't know why. The previous configuration was: We had a persistent memory namespace (/dev/pmem0) that was mounted at /mnt/pmem. We wanted to change it to Mixed Mode. So we unmounted this file directory ($ umount /mnt/pmem)...
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    What is the effect of Changing DefaultTimeoutStopSec

    Hello, I've an recurring issue with my linux system. The reboot hangs with a message " ". Sometimes the message appears for different services as well. I'm wondering how would one start investigation on this issue. I found out that adjusting the default value of in the is a solution. I'm a...
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    Cannot Boot after Updating to Linux 4.15.0-124

    Have been able to boot to any previous version on the machine but the latest update always results in a crash -- as the update was just tonight, not sure how many other may (or may not) have had the same experience. Attempted to no avail... fsck /dev/mapper/mint--vg-root Results: Error 2 (No...