red hat 8

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    RedHat RHCSA8 - EX200

    Hi Friends, RedHat - RHCSA8 - EX200 I have a doubt related to the in RHCSA8 - EX200. I feel like both of the below 2 questions are for mounting a remote server directory using 2 different methods. Questions are separated as Q1 (a,b,c) and Q2 (a,b,c,d,e). Kindly refer the below 2 questions...
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    Process Details

    Hi Guys, is there any way in Linux(RedHat), we can get the details of the stopped process like which user terminated the process/Reason of termination/ time, and date of termination, etc. Please help me with this. Thanks in advance!
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    RHEL is telling me that it is having trouble setting up base repository as soon i register it.

    it worked before on my server and now i want to have it on my regular computer. i am using the dvd iso. does the mean i have to get a second iso or something?