1. F

    How to redirect all traffic through a proxy without a loop?

    I want to redirect all traffic from my apps and programs (including those that do not support proxies or VPNs) to a local HTTP/SOCKS proxy server, which will then redirect the traffic to an online proxy server. I created the following network topology: However, I want to avoid creating a...
  2. J

    Https not redirecting on apache 2 virtual hosts (SSL by certbot)

    Hello everyone, I have my pi running debian buster. I set up a cloud with the subdomain and a website as I installed SSL using certbot. It seems all to be working except that if I type it doesn't rewrite to All other...
  3. R

    mask with htaccess that files are loaded from another domain

    Its possible to mask with htaccess that all files are loaded from another domain? On are files like: index.php, css.css, logo.png. If someone open, that htaccess redirect and open data from, but address in browser address bar its still...
  4. kenJackson

    A new twist on while-loops

    If you've ever tried to use a while-loop like this, you've experienced some frustration. #!/bin/sh RESULT= cat db | while read index color; do test "$index" = 2 && RESULT="$color" done echo "Index 2 is \"$RESULT\"" Where I'm using this file named db: 1 red 2 green 3 blue When you run...