1. S

    Mapping paths/Windows paths compatibility

    Hello, I've tried to find information about it, unfortunatelly it does look like a big issue. Im working with different people and they are using windows to work. We all use dropbox to synchronize our files. To make sure our paths are the same in all softwares, I've found workaround on windows...
  2. F

    How to redirect all traffic through a proxy without a loop?

    I want to redirect all traffic from my apps and programs (including those that do not support proxies or VPNs) to a local HTTP/SOCKS proxy server, which will then redirect the traffic to an online proxy server. I created the following network topology: However, I want to avoid creating a...
  3. J

    Https not redirecting on apache 2 virtual hosts (SSL by certbot)

    Hello everyone, I have my pi running debian buster. I set up a cloud with the subdomain and a website as I installed SSL using certbot. It seems all to be working except that if I type it doesn't rewrite to All other...
  4. R

    mask with htaccess that files are loaded from another domain

    Its possible to mask with htaccess that all files are loaded from another domain? On are files like: index.php, css.css, logo.png. If someone open, that htaccess redirect and open data from, but address in browser address bar its still...
  5. kenJackson

    A new twist on while-loops

    If you've ever tried to use a while-loop like this, you've experienced some frustration. #!/bin/sh RESULT= cat db | while read index color; do test "$index" = 2 && RESULT="$color" done echo "Index 2 is \"$RESULT\"" Where I'm using this file named db: 1 red 2 green 3 blue When you run...