remote access

  1. S

    remotely accessing my computer from my android wirelessly

    Hello world, I need to make a connection to my Linux Mint laptop from my Android however because of where I work I do not have fixed Wi-Fi routers or cell phone signal I need the connection to be able to: To remotely control the laptop with GUI Sync files to the laptop such as backups View...
  2. Adithyansm

    Mirror android device to Linux other than scrcpy

    HELLO everyone have a great day!:) Is there a way to control android devices from Linux? I have used scrcpy but it's lagging a lot for no reason (by USB and over the wifi). I have been looking for a tool but couldn't find one if you guts know any software (FOSS or not) It would be a great...
  3. O

    Cannot connect to remote MySQL server

    Hello guys, i have problem with mysql remote connect. On remote VPS with mysql in my.cnf have: bind-address = and #skip-networking. In users in phpmyadmin mysql have special user: remote@% And still not working. If i try from VPS: nmap -p 3306 Output is: if try...
  4. D

    VNC, RDP, XRDP, I don't know the which I should use ..

    Hello, I'm gonna make it simple : I would like to use one of my server under linux with a gui on another computer, question is : which between every protocol for remote desktop connection is the simpler to configure and use (and has a gui if it's possible) ? (I am french, sorry for my English)...
  5. D

    Samba Server and Remote Server Administration

    Hi there! I have a Centos 7 with Samba installed on it, and I need to access the samba server remotely, but I don't want to use SSH. The reason to avoid connecting to my samba server over SSH (from my understanding), is that then every Client (Windows, Linux or Mac) will need to use the SSH...