remote desktop

  1. A

    About Remote Desktop Share Screen

    Based on the existing remote desktop software, I want to realize that when remote to a local user, it is a virtual desktop environment. The local operation is irrelevant and does not affect the operation of the virtual desktop. When another user is connected, the former user will be squeezed...
  2. mike_linux

    Remote control another Ubuntu system and file sharing

    Hello guys, long time ago :). Hope you all are doing fine, are healthy and far away from the covid virus. I am using Remmina to connect my Ubuntu 20.04. LTS laptop to my Ubuntu 20.04. LTS PC for screen and file sharing using the VNC protocol. I am also using the RDP protocol to connect my...
  3. D

    VNC, RDP, XRDP, I don't know the which I should use ..

    Hello, I'm gonna make it simple : I would like to use one of my server under linux with a gui on another computer, question is : which between every protocol for remote desktop connection is the simpler to configure and use (and has a gui if it's possible) ? (I am french, sorry for my English)...
  4. T

    Newb with some questions!

    Backstory: So I have an older Lenovo laptop; currently running Windows 10. It could be much faster and better if it had a Linux OS on it. I have my Associates in Computer Networking and we used Kali in school and so I have a basic and general understanding of Kali and Linux. Question: I have...
  5. F

    File Sharing

    I have linux mint on my laptop and have recently made a home pc desktop linux mint as well. I am new to this field and do not know what to search for such a question... 1) I would like to configure my home pc desktop in such a way that everything I save to my laptop will also save to my home...