1. Fanboi

    Help/Advice: Megatools (package) and Mega's Desktop App (Megasync)

    Just a quick question here. Recently I switched to Mega because they have better privacy, cheaper plans, and faster upload speeds across the board (some may have one superior aspect, this is a combo across the board) which are things I need since I'm now backing up a fair amount of data and will...
  2. mike_linux

    Install apps on multiple computers simultaneously

    Hi guys, I have 13 pc's at work which are running Lubuntu 14.04. LTS. Because I don't want to install from my pc (which is the 14th one) separately each software one by one pc (this is a tedious task), I would like to know if there is any application available which helps me to do this...
  3. Twizzletwanger

    Linux & Windows remote desktop

    Hi! Is there a software capable of remote desktop connections to a Windows 10 OS from a Linux remote device? If so, please recommend one. Any software that can interact with Windows OSs is needed here.