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    Running Linux on an Win 10 MSI gaming laptop

    I rarely use Windows in the last 10 years, but I needed a new laptop and the options were limited. I found one i liked, decent specs Win Home 10 64 bit (would prefer Pro w/ rem desktop) T8750 I7 8th gen 6 core 16GB RAM 256GB SSD M.2/NVME slot 1TB HD 1050Ti 4GB DDR5 15.6" IPS 1920x1080...
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    What is the Command to Remove Files That Contain a Common String

    Hey, I installed Retroarch. However, something went wrong and I had to uninstall and reinstall the software several times. At last, I uninstalled the program in a weird way that I still have many associated files around the file system. I used a couple commands to get rid of them, but still got...