1. Z

    view image files make with dd command

    hello Is there a way to see the content of an image made with the dd command? and to extract a part? I made a backup copy of the sda disk and I don't want to restore it in its entirety, I only want to see if there is X file and if I can see that I can know if I can extract that file without...
  2. Z

    backup iso

    Hello Do you know any tool (command line) to create an .iso of your system like this and then be installable? with your users, configuration files... everything In summary, to be able to make backups and in case of loss of data or configurations, install the latest version from an .iso file.
  3. Sirius

    Linux Backup and Restore

    Hi, so I am in the middle of a transition to a Linux world. I have made a choice on the hardware (another thread on this forum). But I need your help to figure out the approach for the backup and restore procedures. The ideal scenario is the following: Once the initial OS (I will go with...