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    Trying to install GNS3 to Rocky 9 system - have you been able to successfully do so?

    Unfortunately, the documentation seems to indicate that the application is just for Ubuntu and Arch installations. Nothing seems to be available on the Github page either. Attempts to install with the documentation on the Fedora Magazine page (the article from 2019 was the only one I could find...
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    Issue with Remmina: after an RDP session is concluded, physical logins to the server shows only a black screen and mouse.

    (I posted this question in the Remmina Reddit page - but since my account is in "Pending" state for the past few days, I figured on mentioning this issue here.) I am using a Debian 12 laptop, remotely connecting via Tailscale to the Rocky 9 desktop system. While I am able to remotely access...
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    Setting up Remmina to connect from Debian 12 laptop to Rocky 9 desktop - audio isn't working.

    Finally able to get the connection working with the Remmina client on my Debian 12 laptop, to my Rocky 9 XRDP server - both are physical devices. Currently experiencing an issue in which the audio from the server isn't registering on the Lenovo Ideapad laptop, though. No error message shows -...
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    [SOLVED] Cannot Enable "Lock root account" During RedHat-type Installations? (e.g., Alma, Rocky, Oracle)

    I recently downloaded and installed a few RedHat-type distros over the past two weeks: AlmaLinux, Rocky Linux, and Oracle Linux. The installers look similar if not identical. The "Begin Installation" button stays grayed out (disabled) unless you uncheck the "Lock root account" setting to...