1. S

    [SOLVED] Cannot Enable "Lock root account" During RedHat-type Installations? (e.g., Alma, Rocky, Oracle)

    I recently downloaded and installed a few RedHat-type distros over the past two weeks: AlmaLinux, Rocky Linux, and Oracle Linux. The installers look similar if not identical. The "Begin Installation" button stays grayed out (disabled) unless you uncheck the "Lock root account" setting to...
  2. N

    How to limit root access?

    Hi. In an IT company that contains sysadmins, developers & database admins, how can we limit the sysadmin (root) access on a Linux server. For example: DBAs has special privileges to data bases. But the sysadmin (root) have the access to those files too even without their passwords, that we...
  3. SuperAdventureHunter

    Mirroring Changes or Specified User to Root

    Hello everyone! I'm going to keep this short. I've been doing some "ricing" as they call it and I'd love to run some sort of command or script to copy these changes over to root. I don't care if files are mirrored over, I barely have any and I can remove those myself. Have a nice day!
  4. D

    [SOLVED]'sudo' vs. 'wheel'-group?

    Actually I read on Internet that this can be distribution specific, but i do not know that how to cross-post on Thanking you...
  5. B

    Localmail missing for root

    Hi, I have a running installation of Postfix and it's working locally. However, I find some strange issues. If I run this as root: echo "mail body" | mail -s "test mail" root I expect to have mail as root user. However, If I run "mail", the system says: No mail for root I haven't any...
  6. G

    Weird behavior of application under 'root'

    I am starting WINE and get a very confusing message: What am I supposed to do to make it running under root user?
  7. A

    Major security and usability flaw in Linux (root privileges and sudoers, folder access restriction, Ubuntu Linux)

    Alright, let me give you the context. I am a business owner with strong technical background, say a programmer, though not an advanced system administrator. I've bought a VPS server where I want to host several applications and webpages. One of the apps consists of backend, admin frontend and...
  8. R

    Low disk space on filesystem root

    I recently dual booted my laptop and assigned ~30GB of space to Ubuntu 18.04 and after a week I started to get warnings regarding low space in my root directory. I got by fine for a another week by deleting used stuff and only keeping important things, but now even after doing all that I'm still...
  9. M

    apt-get confussion

    My Linux machine has two users root and matthew, I keep the passwords written in a text file so that I know I'm not making a spelling mistake (maybe a security issue, but that's not related to my question). I was logged in as matthew and I wanted to install nano, so I typed. sudo apt-get...
  10. P

    get access to root

    (base) root@kali:~# jupyter notebook [C 20:24:50.702 NotebookApp] Running as root is not recommended. Use --allow-root not able to run jupyter notebook ...
  11. I

    Problem with systemctl --root= option in RHEL/CentOS 7

    It is my understanding that --root= option in systemctl command is used to explicitly specify an alternate root path to find the service unit files. On RHEL/CentOS 7, the following error occurs when attempting to use the above mentioned systemctl option: [root@server-02 system]# systemctl...
  12. Linux_Programmer

    systemd : started session xxx of user root Logs

    Hello, Systemd has been generating too many "Started session xxx of user root" logs when root user login to the system but there's no corresponding entry for every logout. Is this behavior expected ? Rgds, Linux Programmer (SM)