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  1. mvrk

    rsyslog / journald - el7 vs el8

    Hi, On RHEL7 (and clones) systemd package included /etc/rsyslog.d/listen.conf: $SystemLogSocketName /run/systemd/journal/syslog which makes rsyslog get the logs from journald On RHEL8 (and clones) this file is not included anymore. Does anyone knows why? I see that on EL8 rsyslog.conf now...
  2. B

    Rsyslog not writing messages from Cisco switch

    Evening all, Wondering if anyone could help with an rsyslog issue I am having, I have rsyslog installed onto an Ubuntu server, it is running and the UFW is allowing both udp and tcp ports 514. The UFW is showing traffic on port 514/udp from the firewall and allowing it through. ufw.log Jun 20...
  3. N

    Can I use an alterative port for syslog if 514 is already taken?

    I currently have an Ubuntu 20.04 server receiving logs (via syslog) from our load balancer over UDP port 514. I also want to use the same Ubuntu server to receive logs (via syslog) from our vcenter appliance. Since port 514 is already used for syslog on my syslog server, can I use another...
  4. N

    How to send collected logs via syslog to another server?

    We have an Ubuntu server that acts as our syslog server. It is currently ingesting logs from our Centos7 which is our syslog client. From the syslog server, is there a way to send only the collected logs from Centos7 to another Linux server? The flow would look like: Centos7 (syslog client)...
  5. Linux_Programmer

    SLES12: rsyslog doesn't invoke logrotation scripts

    On SLES12, rsyslog doesn't invoke logrotation script upon logfile size exceeding the threshold. In the below given example, sometimes rotation script is invoked at 21MB, or 22 MB. $outchannel logRot_node1_msg,/var/log/messages, 20480000,/usr/local/bin/logrotate.sh When the logging rate is very...
  6. Linux_Programmer

    SLES12: rsyslog doesn't invoke logrotation scripts

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