1. D

    scanimage returns a broken image

    Hi, i want to use a raspberry pi (Debian) as scan-Server. For this job I installed SANE and ImageMagick. If I scan with ... scanimage -p --resolution=25 --mode=Color -l 0 -t 0 -x 210mm -y 297mm >test.pnm ... I will get an unreadable pnm-file. (In the attachments) Based on the header, I found...
  2. Feriman22

    Portscan Protection

    Hi, based on this solution I wrote a shell script, which is blocking port scanning, so nobody can find (or much more slowly) your "hidden" SSH or FTP port The protection based on built-in firewall. The script stored on GitHub: Portcan Protection I hope you find it useful! Best Regards, Feriman
  3. C

    Why Isn't Netdiscover Working On My Virtual Machine?

    I am doing a vulnhub CTF walkthrough (Lampiao). I have my main VM set up using Kali Linux in VirtualBox. The victim VM is the Lampiao machine. I am supposed to run Netdiscover on Kali to search for the IP's of all machines on my network. I have both machines set to NAT. When I run Netdiscover...
  4. S

    Linux Mint/w Cinnamon

    After using the other guys for decades, got fed up with the updates, viruses, Trojans, etc. I wanted the perfect replacement for them. Believe I have. My one issue is scanning with my Brother multifunction copier. I can print, but cannot scan. Downloaded what they said. Still can't get scanning...