1. N

    Central malware or av scanner

    Hi, Can anyone help, I am looking for a way to scan my LAN for viruses or malware every night using Kali, I know there are some paid bit of software that do this, does anyone know if there is anything free I can use to do this? My aim is to be able to scan my 10/15 vms on my LAN from kali, get...
  2. S

    how to add printer's scanner in ubuntu

    Hello all, i just recently joined a organization where all pcs are running operating system linux and it my duty to take care all system problems . one thing i want to ask i need to install a printer and scanner on ubuntu and centos operating system based pcs . Printer is EPSON L4160 . please...
  3. D

    scanimage returns a broken image

    Hi, i want to use a raspberry pi (Debian) as scan-Server. For this job I installed SANE and ImageMagick. If I scan with ... scanimage -p --resolution=25 --mode=Color -l 0 -t 0 -x 210mm -y 297mm >test.pnm ... I will get an unreadable pnm-file. (In the attachments) Based on the header, I found...
  4. Feriman22

    Portscan Protection

    Hi, based on this solution I wrote a shell script, which is blocking port scanning, so nobody can find (or much more slowly) your "hidden" SSH or FTP port The protection based on built-in firewall. The script stored on GitHub: Portcan Protection I hope you find it useful! Best Regards, Feriman
  5. P

    HP Network Scanner Folder Issues - SonicWall Router/CentOS Server/Win 7 Clients

    Hi, I am working with a couple of guys out of state who set up a network with a Linux CentOS server, some Win7 clients, and a SonicWall router. They had a Ricoh Savin, and it was set up to scan to network folders. Part of the machine broke, so I brought in a brand new HP MFP M479fdn printer...
  6. E

    Lubuntu 18.04 LTS 64 bit: ricoh sp 211 scanner not working

    Hi, I have a problem with multifunction printer-scanner ricoh sp 211 su. I installed the driver r78188en.exe that is a Linux SANE Scanner Driver and contains sp-200series_Scanner-1.01-noarch. The printer is detected and it works after that I installed it by adding a printer with a...