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    Mouse wheel scrolling working wrong on Wayland

    Hey, i found some interesting problem with mouse wheel scrolling: Using GNOME 42 on Wayland: Every time i scroll the screen content actually scrolls, but if i, for example, kept scrolling only down for some time and then scrolled up once, that scroll up isn't detected as a scroll event anywhere...
  2. S

    Debian 10, ChromeOS container: only topmost line of text changes when reverse scrolling in 'more'\'less' mode

    Specifically, I'm looking at a manual page for a command. After I scroll down through the manual, attempting to scroll back up results in only the topmost line of text in the terminal updating. Like, if I tap 'k' multiple times, the topmost line will change with each iteration of 'k', but all...
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    Inertial scrolling causes problems

    Inertial scrolling can cause usability problems with some programs used in some desktop environments, if a modifier key is pressed soon after inertial scrolling has been launched because software may have some binding for that, but user may want to type a pure key shortcut, instead. These so...