shell scripting

  1. superboy2k6

    Zenity - Create new user and password creator

    Hi, Is there any way to use zenity to create new user along with a password. I would like to create a shell script of it. I know python very well but not much about shell scripting. My first try was (absolutely wrong): $data=zenity --password echo $data useradd -m liveuser passwd liveuser $data...
  2. L

    How to write shell script for iptable

    I am new to shell script. I want to parse log extract from swatch to another Linux machine(to append the iptables firewall script). Could you please provide me the recommendation how to write a shell script to receive log from the machine running swatch including add the ip to iptables as...
  3. P

    Rearrange Header and Data of different versions of Text file based on a Master File

    I want to re-arrange the data (Header and Detail) in multiple pipe delimited text files, in the order specified in a reference master file and create a single output file, using shell script. The order of the columns will be different in different input files. Data could be empty for the...
  4. R

    Find two files of similar name which have different extention and copy to new location

    I have a directory containing files as given below PALK.BHZ.2010. PALK.BHZ.2010. PALK.BHZ.2010.
  5. E


    Good day, I am trying to run the following command but it does not seem to work. [[email protected] ]# mysql -pPassword asteriskcdrdb -s -b -e "select 'Account ID','Destination','Operator','Provider','Date','BillSec','Rate id','Cost' UNION select...
  6. M

    Command not found" Error in Bash Scripting (my first post)

    Hello everybody, My name is Michael and I am new on this forum so if I made my Thread wrong of my question isn't clear enough, please tell me.(Also, I am from Belqium so my apologies if there are some faults in my tekst) Thanks in advance I have been working with Debian for a couple of months...