shell scripting

  1. rohanbari

    Linux journey from scratch

    Hello, dear readers. I am happy to be here. I have seen recent posts and felt pretty much friendly vibes here. I have used a couple of Linux distributions but was unable to master them and shell scripting stuff. Please note that I have a basic knowledge of bash. By mastering Linux, I refer to...
  2. R

    script executes without any errors but does doesnt show any dialog box . OS kali linux

    i have run all the necessary comands . like installing dialog and chmod +x to give it write perms anything im doing wrong here pls help also this is my unix project submissions on monday the code is #!/bin/bash # File to store account data ACCOUNT_FILE="account_data.txt" # File to store...
  3. I

    Shell or bash script to open multiple URLs saved in a .TXT file in a browser from the terminal?

    Is there a shell or bash script to open multiple URLs saved in a .TXT file in a browser from the terminal? I know that can be done with "firefox $(cat url.txt)", but: I need something that saves me time by opening tabs of a maximum of 10 to 10 urls (because of RAM) from a list of 100 urls or...
  4. T

    Fix Grub bootloader via command line

    Hi, total newbie to Linux so please don't shout if I have posted this in the wrong place. My son has an old iMac which he somehow managed to wipe the Mac software off and install a duel boot system of Ubuntu and CloudReady. All worked good for a while until one day Grub wouldn’t allow a boot...
  5. N

    zget a wget but with a GUI

    Hey Guys! i made a wget with gui You need: zenity and wget Installation: $ wget $ chmod +x zgetBuild $ ./zgetBuild Usage: $ zget
  6. C

    Shell Scripting Projects for Beginners

    Hi Guys, Any tips or where I can get some hands-on practice on some shell scripting projects for beginners? Thanks
  7. E

    backup something on Server

    Hey :) I have a Gameserver on Linux and want to backup something every 3 hours. A friends said, that I can use a Shellcommand with my Crontab file. Now there is this in the crontab: # /etc/crontab: system-wide crontab # Unlike any other crontab you don't have to run the `crontab' # command to...
  8. C

    Alias not working in Bashrc that is a shell script

    Hi All, I've searched Google, and though I'm searching as to why my alias is not working in the bashrc, I'm getting results of alias not working in shell scripts. I have a script that is called, and I added an alias in my .bashrc file: alias digh="" I sourced the bashrc...
  9. superboy2k6

    Zenity - Create new user and password creator

    Hi, Is there any way to use zenity to create new user along with a password. I would like to create a shell script of it. I know python very well but not much about shell scripting. My first try was (absolutely wrong): $data=zenity --password echo $data useradd -m liveuser passwd liveuser $data...
  10. L

    How to write shell script for iptable

    I am new to shell script. I want to parse log extract from swatch to another Linux machine(to append the iptables firewall script). Could you please provide me the recommendation how to write a shell script to receive log from the machine running swatch including add the ip to iptables as...
  11. P

    Rearrange Header and Data of different versions of Text file based on a Master File

    I want to re-arrange the data (Header and Detail) in multiple pipe delimited text files, in the order specified in a reference master file and create a single output file, using shell script. The order of the columns will be different in different input files. Data could be empty for the...
  12. R

    Find two files of similar name which have different extention and copy to new location

    I have a directory containing files as given below PALK.BHZ.2010. PALK.BHZ.2010. PALK.BHZ.2010.
  13. E


    Good day, I am trying to run the following command but it does not seem to work. [root@ ]# mysql -pPassword asteriskcdrdb -s -b -e "select 'Account ID','Destination','Operator','Provider','Date','BillSec','Rate id','Cost' UNION select...
  14. M

    Command not found" Error in Bash Scripting (my first post)

    Hello everybody, My name is Michael and I am new on this forum so if I made my Thread wrong of my question isn't clear enough, please tell me.(Also, I am from Belqium so my apologies if there are some faults in my tekst) Thanks in advance I have been working with Debian for a couple of months...