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  1. Nemesis

    (Solved) forward port to another computer?

    I've got one Linux server (Ubuntu) that has a public IP. I want by connecting to it, on a specified port, be routed to another Linux computer on the same local network. is this possible? found this online; iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -p tcp --dport 49620 -j DNAT --to-destination...
  2. N

    how to start recovery mode for Ubuntu Server 18.04.3 LTS when connecting through SSH?

    I have a virtual machine running Ubuntu Server 18.04.3 LTS and I need to modify some settings using the recovery Mode. I have to connect through a VPN using SSH (Putty), so I'm not sure what the sequence would be to do this, as I think if I restart it, I'll loose the connection in Putty, right?
  3. P

    Protect authorized_keys and known_hosts?

    /home/me/.ssh/known_hosts /home/me/.ssh/authorized_keys I would like to put these files to an €ncrypt€d folder that is being decrypted manually after Linux Raspbian 10 start. Why? i do not want anyone to discover that files contents (consider someone steal the drive - my Raspbian installed from...
  4. V

    Linux SSH session getting stuck

    Hi, Am currently having a ubuntu 16 server. The server should be monitored and if it is idle for 10 min then it should stop. For stop I have done some scripting. The problem that I'm facing is that, I am calculating idle timeout by w command. In order to kill the ssh session which is idle, I...
  5. H

    Script for copy&delete directory from one server to another

    Hey everyone, I have 2 remote Servers: Server A and Server B. On Server A I have a directory named: 'Example' I need to copy 'Example' directory from Server A to Server B and then delete it from Server A (if there's a possibility to do it by one command it would be better of course). I would...
  6. Rob

    Use an SSH key to log into a remote server

    When you ssh into a remote server, the safest way is to use an ssh key. This video shows you how to create the key, explains the files created by the ssh-keygen command, and shows you how to copy your public key to the remote server. Please subscribe if you liked this video - we're trying to...
  7. H

    How to Install Zend Optimizer with cPanel?

    Zend Optimizer is a PHP addon which offers storing to enhance speed when stacking destinations; it can build execution by up to 40% by reserving as often as possible saw segments of PHP pages. Zend Guard likewise is helpful for encoding PHP documents to secure source code. Here's the manner by...
  8. blackneos940

    Using My Old ASUS X205TA As A Pseudo-Chromebook

    So I tried not using smileys in the question title like I usually do to help people when they search on the Interwebz..... :3 Anywho, if you look the specs up, you'll find that this Laptop is best used with either a BSD Distro, or some Linux Distro..... So I went with Xubuntu..... :3 I...
  9. S

    Connecting to servers without ssh keys for Ansible execution

    How do I Connect to servers without ssh keys for Ansible execution. Is there any alternative to ssh keys ? or Is there any other tool which takes care of provisioning tasks by default without keys.
  10. G

    How can I add Linux SSH keys ?

    How can I add Linux SSH keys of the remote server to my local Linux box. The SSH server IP address is
  11. A

    Unable to execute script over SSH from Jenkins

    Hello, I am trying to excecute script on remote Debian machine from Jenkins. I have working SSH Connection from Jenkins to Linux machine but cannot excecute script. I am using Publish over SSH plugin in Jenkins and that script command is placed in "Exec command". I have tried various paths...
  12. G

    Firmware flash using ssh on asus router (Linux version 2.6.36)

    Hi! I am trying to flash a custom firmware to my asus rt-n300 router , the asus firmware application doesn't work , i am able to access the router using ssh (putty, and winSCP) and i wanted to ask if its possible to flash the .trx firmware to the router using one of the included commands shown...
  13. C


    I'm using autoSSH to connect to an Amazon ec2 server. I need to automatically reconnect to the server if the SSH connection is lost for a few seconds. I need the system to know that it has lost the SSH connection and then re-establish the connection to the server. In some cases, the Ethernet...
  14. A

    Command Going Wrong

    I Run command on my Godaddy Server via SSh sudo chown -R Amirvbase / after that they hiding all detail from my access and unable to connect via putty how I handle to return back to my previous work?
  15. RoseHosting

    Secure your SSH using two-step authentication on CentOS 7

    Running your own Linux server could be very challenging, especially if you want to keep the security of the server on a high level and to protect the personal data as much as possible. During the initial server setup, you may have generated an RSA key pair to connect to the server without using...
  16. K

    disallow specific ssh ciphers and/or MACS (white list approach)

    Hi people, I have a report detailing weak ssh ciphers on a system. How can I dis-allow these specific weak ciphers. The common solution which I am aware of is adding the following lines in sshd_config (which is a black list approach): Ciphers aes128-ctr,aes192-ctr,aes256-ctr...
  17. S

    File transfer over SSH onto linux server from hard disk on remote MAC

    Hi, I have 1.96 TB sized folder on a hard disk and I want to upload it to the server from my MAC PC using SSH. What is the quickest and effective way to do it?
  18. Rob

    Create ssh keys for more secure logins

    Connecting to a Linux server using ssh is a very common thing to do. It's also very secure. By using ssh keys, however, you can further secure your Linux server from things like brute force attacks at your ssh port. Once you have ssh keys set up from any/all workstations that you're going to...
  19. S

    Does an SSL security cert help when connecting via SSH?

    Hi all, I home-host my website and a few other services. If I remotely connect to my server across the internet using SSH, this is on internal server Port 22 (via whatever external router port number I decide to configure). If I have an SSL Security Certificate, it means I can serve web...