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    Need information before installation

    Hello i'm a fresh starter of linux. And i have a few questions before dowload and install it. And i'm hoping to get some help here. - Does all the site where i can dowload the OS are the same verion of if and also are they all updates ? - Also i have all my files on my computer wich run with...
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    How to fix error: no such device: bootloader

    Hi! I have a problem after i tried install a OS(Debian) on a USB device. Now if i start the ps, only the rescue mode of grub starts. I tried to run some commands which i found in the web but it don't work as i want it. The commands where like ls, but it allways says: "Filesystem is...
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    CentOS 7 Everything ISO - Won't Load Desktop Enviroment

    I just installed CentOS 7 Everything ISO and all I get is a command line login. I login sucessfully; but I can't get the DE (which should be MATE) to start.