1. M

    VIRPIL hotas / rudder pedals steam connection problems

    I'm having issues with my VPC ACE Flight Pedals (cant see them in steam) I was playing arma 3 when my pedals just randomly stopped responding. Arma could no longer see the pedals and steam could not as well. I then checked to see if they where no longer connected at all using lsusb, all 3 parts...
  2. kibasnowpaw

    is there anyone that know what is going on.

    I had no problem two days ago on this pc. I have been playing 7 Days to Die with no problem at a friend's place for the last two days. I came home and started the game up. I can get into the server, and I'm there and can go around and play, but as you can see, I can't see anything. I have tried...
  3. S

    Steam Client [BadDrawable (invalid Pixmap or Window parameter)]

    Arch Linux Endeavour OS When trying to run Steam through XRDP (and only XRDP) this error pops up in the konsole and the Steam Client fails to open. I've tried reading some of the Steam Client logs but nothing seems to stand out
  4. R

    Dark Souls 3 Wex Dust Mod

    HI! I tried to use Wex Dust mod but it doesn't work. I used this command on Steam: WINEDLLOVERRIDES = ”dinput8.dll = n, b”% command% Unfortunately, it didn't work. Has anyone managed to solve this mod under Linux?
  5. A

    Install Steam

    setiap mau install steam di linux ( me: ubuntu) tidak bisa berjalan di 32bit?? apakah ada cara supaya bisa jalan di 32 bit??
  6. superboy2k6

    Is it possible to run Steam on Arch linux?

    Hey, I was wondering if it was possible to run steam in Arch linux.. I also want it to run Steam in big picture mode and enable steam proton
  7. GardenData61371

    Good distro for a gamer coming from Windows?

    Hi. I'm new here so sorry if a posted this in the wrong place. I wanted to switch to Linux ever since i heard about it 2 years ago. I never could do it because i'm a gamer. But now with Steam Play and all this stuff, can i finally make the switch? If yes, which distro is good for me? P.S. I...