1. D

    The Video Rental Store May Be On The Verge Of A Resurgence

    James Rolfe, who's best known for his Angry Video Game Nerd series on YouTube, is a filmmaker, film buff, and film historian who has made a number of videos in the past about going to video stores growing up, such as:
  2. B

    Solved VideoStreaming server setup

    Hi! I want to develop a relative small project in an educational environment. Let's say I want to make my own "mini Netflix". What I want to achieve is how to setup a media streaming server setup to deliver audio/video files to clients via streaming. Nothing very complex. Just a PoC to show it...
  3. tinfoil-hat

    Stream Linux Desktop to Raspberry Pi 3

    Hi, I'd like to stream my Linux Desktops Monitor to a Raspberry Pi which is hooked on a TV. There must be a way, since it's possible on FireTV and Google Chrome cast can do it. Maybe it's possible with Kodi? I also don't have a HDMI-Cable wich is long enough. The solution must be wireless. I...
  4. E

    Overrun when using arecord for extended periods

    I have built a radio streamer/recorder with Node.js (repo here). This program will need to stream/record audio input 24/7, but I am having trouble running it for extended periods (see issue). I use the node "mic" package to stream from my audio input with arecord; and after some debugging, I...
  5. sssnek

    A different kind of media streaming server

    Hello everyone, So I've been trying to maintain a server for the past couple of weeks and have finally given up and decided to come to You guys for help. I've set up a Lubuntu server that upon boot launches VLC to play a radio stream. The problem occurs after a couple of hours when the sound...