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    Struggle to boot any kind of linux [nvidia]

    Hello everyone. First of all I should mention i have tried a couple of distros as linux mint, ubuntu, pop os (nvidia version). But i even couldn't be able to boot into my bootable usb. After i try to boot from live usb i got a black screen with no cursor or anything at all. I strongly suspect...
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    boot stuck on /dev/sda1 clean(part 2)

    Hello, it seems like my original thread doesn't get any more replies, so i'll post a follow up to make sure it's seen. I still want to get my system back without formatting the partition it's on. Here is the original thread (it has a page 2)...
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    Deepin Installation Problem

    Hello, I've a problem installing deepin (15.7 and 15.8 same problem). Basically i create a usb drive ( i double checed md5, used different usbs and different methods like deepin bootcreator, rufus, unetbootin and dd) and everything is fine untill i reach the deepin logo (where "deepin" is...