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    Xorg doesnt work with most linux distributions on this one silly laptop.

    Hello all. I have been attempting to live boot Linux on this school laptop of mine for a year or two now. I have always ran into issues. I dont have xorg logs from all of them, but i can tell you the symptoms. Porteus (a slackware distribution built to be portable on flashdrives): if the screen...
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    Solved Short Freezes after moving mouse/typing

    Hi guys, i have this issue where if im watching a video, everything works ok, but when i move the mouse (or press keys to type or something like alt+tab)after watching for a bit, the pc freezes for like 2 secconds, audio still works for like a second and then also freezes, and then it unfreezes...
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    Manjaro LXDE Hybrid NVIDIA&Intel drivers not working.

    Hi all! I just distrohopped from RebornOS to Manjaro LXDE, and the graphics drivers are being sort of wacky. I've been screwing with Manjaro for the last few days, trying to figure out why the drivers are being weird. It has me kind of mad, since on other distributions, I've NEVER had this bad...