1. U

    Memory swap full

    okay, my pc is Celeron 3865U with 4G ram and 512gb HDD, I put 2gb as swap in my pc but usually my swap memory fill up, I dont know how i resolve it I try change swappiness for 10, but nothing happened. someone else know resolve?
  2. L

    Is swap recommended for a 4gb ram pc?If yes what is the recommended size?

    I have installed linux in my old pc.It has 4 gb ddr3 ram.Should i create a swap partition?I will be happy to know the recommended size.
  3. D

    Is there any program to check swap filesystem?

    I have a seperate USB drive(/dev/sdd). I formatted it as swap-linux partition & I used it as swap partition. Today Debian warns that read-write error occured in swap partition but I could not find a way to check(like fsck) whether there is a bad sector on device /dev/sdd? Is there any program to...
  4. P

    CPU iowait due to HDD overload is lagging the video recording saved on fast SSD

    This is something new to me. Video being recorded and saved to a fast SSD, normally it affects my CPU like +10% maybe and the CPU utilization is around 20%, but when there was a high CPU iowait (likely due to a overload of the external USB data HDD), the recorded video seemed like skipping...
  5. R

    Ubuntu 20.04.01, full disk encryption, btrfs, & hibernation?

    I am trying to install *Ubuntu 20.04.01 on my desktop with full (or almost full as Tj puts it) disk encryption including encrypted swap partition that allows hibernation, and btrfs. The last few years I am using ManualFullSystemEncryption but even being careful to make sure I do not turn my...
  6. mdayann

    Really slow boot time

    Can anyone find what is wrong with my eOS? $systemd-analyze Startup finished in 39.835s (kernel) + 3min 2.874s (userspace) = 3min 42.710s graphical.target reached after 1min 38.645s in userspace $sudo systemd-analyze blame 8.669s dev-sda6.device 8.127s media-mpoint.mount...
  7. F

    The file system F2FS is broken

    Hello everybody. There was a need to create swap. There was no free partition, so I decided to create swap in a file. I did everything according to the instructions https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Swap As a result, it was done: dd if=/dev/zero of=/swapfile bs=1M count=4096 chmod 600...
  8. T

    Hibernate does not restore session

    Hey . I use a MacBook Pro Late 12, Ubuntu 18.04, i3wm and I have configured 12 Gb of swap (thats 1.5x my RAM size). Unfortunately when my laptop tries to hibernate (like with sudo pm-hibernate) it just turns off completely and when I boot again it does not restore the session. I tried out...