1. hal_sk

    [Solved] Script does not run after reboot (systemd)

    Hello, I have simple script /usr/local/bin/ #!/bin/bash echo $(date) >> /home/hal/Desktop/log Then I have this service file: /etc/systemd/system/test.service [Unit] Description=Test service [Service] ExecStart=/usr/local/bin/ [Install] Then I run...
  2. C

    Send screen via socket problem for systemd (I think) import socket import cv2 import struct import numpy as np from PIL import ImageGrab from time import sleep import pickle con = socket.socket(socket.AF_INET, socket.SOCK_STREAM) con.setsockopt(socket.SOL_SOCKET,socket.SO_REUSEADDR,1) con.bind(("localhost",3344)) con.listen(1) while...
  3. JohnnyRobot

    Python Script Spawned by Cron or Systemd doesn't write files..?

    Hi all, I'm not really sure where this question should go. I'm not even sure if it's a Linux issue or a Python issue. I've written a Raspberry Pi application (Ubuntu Mate) that's essentially a timed camera. Every 30 seconds, it snaps an image and writes it to disk. When I start the...
  4. CptCharis

    dhcp, netctl & systemd

    Hello everybody !!! I have a difficulty to understand differences between dhcp, netctl and systemd, when I tried to set up static ip into my Arch installation. Googling around I found three ways to set up static ip into Arch Linux. Let's say differences between systemd and other two is more...
  5. J

    Safe to install systemd system and service manager

    I am a novice user and my system is running well. Is it safe to install systemd system and service manager update ?
  6. I

    Problem with systemctl --root= option in RHEL/CentOS 7

    It is my understanding that --root= option in systemctl command is used to explicitly specify an alternate root path to find the service unit files. On RHEL/CentOS 7, the following error occurs when attempting to use the above mentioned systemctl option: [[email protected] system]# systemctl...
  7. A

    Journalctl. What kind of journald setting is more correct?

    journald allows you to configure yourself through a configuration file or command line. Configuration file: SystemMaxUse = - the maximum amount that logs can occupy on the disk; SystemKeepFree = - the amount of free space that should remain on the disk after saving logs; SystemMaxFileSize = -...
  8. Linux_Programmer

    systemd : started session xxx of user root Logs

    Hello, Systemd has been generating too many "Started session xxx of user root" logs when root user login to the system but there's no corresponding entry for every logout. Is this behavior expected ? Rgds, Linux Programmer (SM)